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Improve your health with our high-quality, fresh, and nutritionally rich Superfoods powders. Our superfood products are perfect for the Beverage, Nutraceutical, Food, Feed, and Cosmeceutical Industry. Our commitment is to offer the highest quality, fresh, and nutritionally rich superfood products that support small family farmers and indigenous communities while promoting fair labor practices. We also offer conventional bulk raw powders. With our exotic and trendy products, you’re sure to find something.

Our Top 5 Superfood Products

Check and see what kind of Superoods they offer to you.

Alfalfa Leaf Powder

  • They make Alfalfa leaf powder from alfalfa leaves.
  • Alfalfa (lucerne) is a perennial, flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region but you can find it worldwide in temperate climates.
  • They use as a traditional herbal remedy for centuries, and modern research suggests it has various health benefits.
  • Its health benefits include reducing cholesterol, boosting immunity, aiding digestion, and combating inflammation. Some researchers believe that alfalfa may also have anti-cancer properties.

Spirulina Tablets:

  • Scientific research points out that spirulina is 50 to 70% complete protein by weight and has an unusually high concentration of essential amino acids.
  • It also contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a well-known anti-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid.
  • A single gram of protein can provide approximately 4 grams of GLA. The five health benefits of spirulina: increased iron intake, improved cholesterol levels, balanced blood sugar levels, helped manage inflammation, and enhanced detoxification.

Chia Seeds – one of the most popular superfood:

  • Chia seed (CHEE-uh) comes from Salvia hispanica L., which belongs to the mint family.
  • It grew naturally only in Mexico until recently grown commercially in Australia. In between, Mexican cultures have been used medicinally since ancient times and have just been rediscovered by the modern world.
  • Modern science has shown that chia’s nutritional content helps regulate weight, lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels.
  •  It’s touted because of its antioxidant levels similar to green tea, with much more calcium than milk and more than twice its amount of potassium than bananas!

Goji Berries:

  • We know that Gojiberry has a lot of antioxidant, immunological, and cardioprotective materials.
  •  This may be due to the bound content of carotenoids like lutein and zeaxanthin.
  •  Goji Berries have received great attention worldwide over the last decade as an excellent dietary supplement with exceptional health benefits because of the high concentration of bioactive molecules, including VitaminE, VitaminC, carotenoids (especially beta-carotene), and nutrients such as potassium, selenium, etc.

Apricot Kernels:

  • Apricot kernels are high in vitamins B12, A, and B17.
  • The latter has been shown to combat certain digestive issues by bolstering your stomach’s sodium level and guarding against pathogenic bacteria invading your intestine.
  • Additionally, they contain beta-carotene and essential fatty acids that play a vital role in overall wellbeing and healthy skin & hair.

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